Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm a Loser!

The most amazing thing is happening to me....I'm losing weight. I have been too busy to obsess over it and I'm thinking there is a connection. I've been part of a "Biggest Loser" group for the last two months along with my pals, MIA and Say Anything (who, by the way, have a starting weight that is my GOAL weight for heaven's sake!). I was very motivated know.....uhhhh..... I refuse to go on a diet....I need to make a LIFESTYLE change (LOL!LOL!LOL!) and my lifestyle revolves around Chuck E Cheese and large quantities of ice cream (purely for social reasons). So, no major lifestyle changes happening here for another 15-20 years or so until the kids are all moved out. And even then, grandmas need to have goodies at their houses, right? Lord help me!

Okay...the point of this rambling is that I AM miraculously losing weight or my skinny jeans are growing (now when I say "skinny", I'm not referring to the world's view of skinny, I am merely referring to the jeans I was unable to button around Christmas time). Losing this little bit of weight is now starting to encourage me to lose more and maybe that is the secret I've been missing out on all these post-pregnancy years. Maybe if I stopped thinking so much about what I am going to eat, what I should be eating or worse what I already did eat, I could just relax and eat a normal portion of whatever it is I happen to be hungry for. And, salad. Lots and lots of salad.

All this said, I could gain it all back by the end of the weekend if I'm not careful. Does anyone else's weight fluctuate any given day by 3-5 pounds? With swimsuit (shudder) season right around the corner, this curvy mama is hoping to lose at least 10 pounds, but 40 would be even better. So, as a way of keeping myself accountable maybe I'll make up some cool "tracker, bloggy thing" to update you all on my progress. That way, Internet embarrassment shall be my reward for too many double scoop waffle cones!


CampHillGirl said...

Congrats, OMW!! I definitely fluctuate 3 to 5 pounds, too, which is sometimes frustrating, sometimes relieving. I need to lose weight, too, and it is so hard to figure out exactly how. Good going!

Tracy W said...

AAWESOME! Good for you. I've recently (as in MONDAY!!!) recommitted to my weight loss journey - after a long winter of self-indulgence and self-medication. I'm encouraged to read your journey, and encouraged that my "babe" jeans feel button-able today :) (Todd calls them my "babe" jeans, I'd NEVER consider them that - but am learning to be proud that he does!) Congrats, and keep up the good work - wooo hooo! (I'm guessing that a Cold Stone Creamery celebration is out of order here, huh???) :)