Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Never Realized I Was Joining an Accountability Group!

Yesterday, I had to take #2 and #3 to the same soccer field near our house. #3 had her last night of soccer clinic and #2, believe it or not, was starting practice for the travel team that begins games in SEPTEMBER. Insane. But, anyway, we were running late for NO reason other than "go get your soccer ball", "where are your socks?", "I don't know where your water bottle is, where did you leave it?", etc.....By the time we got to the field a mere 2 minutes away I was feeling a little frazzled. As I got out of the car trying to figure out what direction to head in and who to drop off first, #3 forgot her ball. I was juggling my chair, my thermos of iced coffee and ironically, my copy of The Worn Out Woman. I grabbed her ball and kicked it over to her, but since I am obviously not the soccer star in the family, I kicked it under the car next to me.


I get down in the gravel and try fishing the ball out, using my chair. It wasn't working. I began to feel the familiar buildings of a Mommy Temper Tantrum, but in the back of my mind, I realized I would be blogging about this so I should probably remain calm. Through clenched teeth I told #3 to please remember to get her ball next time so Mommy is not laying under a car in the gravel with my underwear sticking out for all the soccer world to see (stupid mid-rise, trendy shorts). Both girls looked panicked as if they knew if that ball didn't come out soon, I was going to blow like Mount Vesuvius. I finally fished it out and dropped #2 off since she was on the way to where #3 plays. Halfway to #3's field she asks me to tie her shoes, which keep coming open. So, I bend down to tie them (we are now 10 minutes late) and as I do my thermos of iced coffee tips and spills and like t-i-m-e s-t-o-o-d s-t-i-l-l as I tried to gather my wits about me.

You can do just about anything to me, but DON'T MESS WITH MY COFFEE. Thankfully, again, I was reminded that I would probably blog about this so I tried to stay in "my happy place". I chuckled that I felt so accountable to do the right thing, but I figured that can't be a bad thing, right? I grabbed my Worn Out Woman book and opened it to where I had left off about a month ago. The next page I turned to talked about finding friends you can be accountable to!



Tracy W said...

Good Morning, fellow coffee lover! I love this post - and I wrote about coffee this a.m. too.

Isn't it great the crazy things the Lord will use to keep us in HIS plan for us and our day? Your bloggy accountability group is cheering you on today, girl :)

Thrills said...

You are so funny. I love how you are very real in your blog. I am honored to be apart of your accountability group.

Thrills said...

FYI - I never heard of Mount Vesuvius before, so I GoodSearched (instead of Googled) it. I now know it is in/near Naples. And because of this post, you and I just made a contribution to the pregnancy center.

In case you don't know what I am talking about go to this link: http://promisesfulfilled.blogspot.com/2007/06/raising-money-without-spending-dime.html

Classic MaMa said...

My name is Classic Mama and I am a very imperfect person. (Hi, Classic Mama.)

You know what's amazing? I was thinking about this very thing while driving today. Thinking that when I'm blogging about the things I'm working on, then it's like I have to really work on those things. Amazing, I say again.

I love being part of this twelve step progam with you! It will just be that much better when we sit next to each other in class next year. ;)

Classic MaMa said...

Hey, good job, Thrills!!! I think I got them like a quarter so far.