Monday, June 11, 2007

Riding the Waves

I am not what you would call a "morning person", so when I would hear people say that they got up at 6am every morning to spend time with the Lord I could not relate. Oh, I'm sure it was great for them, but it was never anything I thought I could time with the Lord would just have to be short bursts in my noisy day. More of me rambling to him and meditating on a single scripture than actually studying His Word and having conversations.

No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed and drained.

About 2 months ago (when I quit Curves) I started naturally waking up around 6:15ish and decided to take that quiet time to be with the Lord and usually when I finish, I then do my bloggy business for the day. Both with a cup of quality coffee.

Spending that time with Him in the morning, consistently, is changing my life. He is changing my heart. This morning He gave me a picture of being in the ocean, out body surfing the waves. I wait and get ready for the "big one". I'm looking out in the horizon and thinking "here it comes!" But, it's not big enough. So, I wait. And, I search. And, I wait. And, I search. It's peaceful, but I want more! Suddenly this huge wave forms and I'm caught up in it. In a rush of exhilaration I ride it to the shore. It was amazing and worth the wait!

When I asked the Lord what that was about, He told me that is what I am experiencing in the spiritual right now. I am to wait on Him and search His Word because He has an exhilarating ride planned for me....and, to be peaceful and content in the process! But, I can't give up and get out of the water!

I thought that was pretty cool. So, I will continue to offer Him my trust and keep searching Him out in every situation. And most definitely, keep getting up and letting Him speak to me in the quiet of the morning.

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Hands-Free Heart said...

I am the epitome of "not a morning person". I've tried the morning devotion thing before, but I usually end up falling asleep whether I'm reading, praying or meditating.

It may seem silly, but this weekend at church in the word about healing longstanding illnesses, the Lord spoke to me that although I've not been able to be a morning person, that he is able to change that... do I want to be made well? :)

How neat that God is waking you up for this! You are a real encouragement to me for this journey I'm on. Thank you for this post!