Monday, June 18, 2007

A Little More Hersheypark Happiness

I was not very Hersheypark Happy, but, it was not Hersheypark's fault!

These are the last pictures I was able to take on my camera. Last night we headed over to my little Hershey slice of heaven and 5 minutes into the park I dropped my camera and it broke!

I was so upset, we had just bought the camera last summer and seriously, folks, when you're moving you really don't want to purchase anything unrelated to the move except maybe food and occasionally some gas. But, it is summer and I need a camera so let me know where the deals are, okay?

We did, of course, have a splendid time at HP. We even snuck #3 on the Lightening Racer twice (she's an inch below the height requirement). She wants to ride every ride in the park and can't wait to ride the Great Bear (which I won't try to sneak her on since I don't want her falling out of the harness!).

When we go in the evening we have a tradition of riding the carousel as our last ride, but The Husband opted out since we had made him ride the Flying Falcon with us. I was sandwiched between #1 and #3 (#2 had plans away from home last evening). Every time we went around #1 and I would wave or make a funny face at The Husband. We were cracking up and I noticed The Husband making faces back at me and frantically pointing. At first I was like "How cute! He's playing our game!", but then I realized he was telling me to look at #3 who was climbing off her horse and just sort of dangling backwards on it!!!

Oh my word!

I asked her what she was doing as we were spinning at full speed and she decided she wanted the "baby" horse in front of us and was attempting to get down when I grabbed her by her backpack. This was not an easy feat since I, too, was moving up and down on my horse. I plopped her back on, but she was backwards, then she was side saddle, and as soon as the ride slowed she hopped down with me scrambling after her thinking we are going to get in SOOO much trouble from the worker.

I honestly had no idea why my 5 year old had just morphed into a 2 year old with a 30 second attention span. Very strange.....

And, on a very hilarious side note... there is a new form of punishment at house! "If you don't knock it off I'm going to blog about it and everyone on the Internet will see how mean you are to your sister".

It works every time.....

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Classic MaMa said...

:) I enjoy the new threat.