Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some Good Reads

One of the reasons I love summer, besides the obvious reason, is because I have a little extra time to read just for FUN.

Here are the books you will currently find in my library bag....

Mending Places, Saving Grace, and Finding Faith- a series by Denise Hunter
Jury's out on these...liked the story lines A LOT about forgiveness, but the books themselves were a little too soap operaish for me (spare me the gory kissing details, and he had that "look" of desire in his eyes, etc....yuck....other than that they were pretty good).

Reunion (Book 5 in the Redemption series) - Karen Kingsbury (just finished this one last night, bawling) I read this series out of order, this one should have been first, but I read the Firstborn series's that for a confusing sentence?

Skin - Ted Dekker

Straight Talk on Decorating - Lynette Jennings ('cause I need all the help I can get!)

The Martyr's Song - Ted Dekker (this may possibly be a little too intense for me, we'll see)

And, I just got a call that the new Karen Kingsbury series book (Sunrise? I think it's called) is on hold at the library for me. Love Karen Kingsbury. Love her.

What's in your book bag this summer?


Plain and Simple said...

I just read Sunrise and it was sooo good! I love her too! Happy reading!

Tracy W said...

Love KK's old stuff too! If you like KK's series, you should check out the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson. LOVE THEM!

Reading right now: Mountain Top by Robert Whitlow. Very interesting, a big departure for me - but I'm enjoying it.

Loved Michael English's biography - touching, convicting and very honest.

Going to start Sunrise soon - been savoring that it's on my shelf waiting for me :)