Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not My Scene

I was thinking of embarrassing moments while I was in the shower the other day. If you knew my most embarrassing moment then that would make sense. I would share it for you now if we were one-on-one at a Woman's retreat, in our PJ's, after you feed me expensive chocolate and coffee and it is after midnight. Only about 7 people on the planet know this story (excluding my doctor's office, who I am sure got a huge laugh out of it at their office Christmas party). It's so funny it is a crime not to blog about it (right Thrills?), but even I know where to draw the line!

Speaking of drawing the line...OH MY WORD.....I wondered aimlessly down the girly toys aisle at K-mart and was SHOCKED, I mean mortified at what the Barbie Dolls were wearing (or shall I say "not wearing"?). Now, let me tell you a little secret. I'm a bit of a fence rider with the whole Barbie Doll issue. I like the Mommy Barbies, modestly dressed, no navel showing Barbies, Ballerina Barbies. Well, I have now entered another anti-Barbie stage in my life. I know us moms complain of Barbie clothes, but honestly, they reflect what all the supposedly "cool" girls are wearing, even if we do disagree with it. However, Barbie has crossed the line from trendy to hoe. The My Scene Barbie (Go Go Disco) has a low cut shirt and short skirt with her middriff sticking out for all to see. I gawked at her on the shelf. It is really so sad. I used to be angry and self righteous and Church Lady-like about this, but now I'm just sad. Sad that girls are going to play with this Barbie and think it is acceptable to dress this way. Sad that some of those little girls will grow up and dress that way and allow themselves to be used and abused by the opposite sex. Sad that those young women will take that baggage into their marriage one day and pass it down to their own daughters unless they are set free from this bondage by the healing love of Christ. I speak from experience there.

Thank you, Jesus for your healing power!

I never did get to finish the point of this post. I wanted to ask how we can change this trend before G-string Barbie hits the shelves. I really don't know the best way to approach this outside of my own home other than to pray. I've never been very good at boycotting things or starting a revolution or anything like that. Praying is good. I think I'll just stick with that for right now and keep my heart free of judgment and criticism for a world that really doesn't know Him. Yet.


Plain and Simple said...

Girly Girl got a beach barbie for a birthday present and the first thing she said to me when she opened it was "Mom, I have to put new clothes on her. You can see her belly." If we train our girls in what is and is not acceptable, they won't stray from it. I have a very modest little girl.

Melissa said...

Amen P&S!

I'm agreeing with you 100% about teaching them modesty. And I must add that Beach Barbie is a lot better than I'm-going-out-to-a-club-to-pick-up-guys-Barbie.

Krazy Klingers said...

I agree with both of you!!! Now I want to hear this embarrassing story. You cannot leave us hanging like that.

Thrills said...

I know that you left all of your readers hanging on your most embarrassing story, but I don't know if I would share that in your blog. Maybe we can have a blog party and you could share it there.

That one is completely up to you.

I haven't decided about Barbie yet. Princess is still a little too young for Barbie, but I will have to decide soon.

Tracy W said...

We're "Barbie free" here. A long time before we had kids, I read some materials and viewed a PBS special about the origins of the Barbie doll. It must have been the Lord then that I got so much exposure to the information (excuse the pun!). We were so convicted that we both agreed that it wouldn't be for us.

Then the Lord gave us LadyBug. Who pushes every line, strains against every boundary and questions every concept or idea. Especially if it comes from my mouth! So, she has grown up without them and is only now starting to question that decision of ours.

It makes me glad that I got 8 years of training and investing into her before she was confronted with the wonderful world of Barbie. And I know in my head and heart that her strong will is what I prayed for. And that she WILL be a strong and confident woman of God. And I'm glad that she is uncomfortable with her own bare skin. But I'm fairly certain that she would be okay with vicariously baring a Barbie's skin at this particular stage.

For now, I am glad that's one conversation we don't need to have here. Believe me, with her, there's plenty more that we talk about - plenty!

Melissa said...

no, no...the most embarrassing story could never be put in is way too awful!!

I listed my requirements...chocolate, caffeine, sleep deprivation and PJ's. Non-negotiable. Sorry to tease the bloggy world!

Classic MaMa said...

As the mother of a Barbie fanatic, I must agree with Plain and Simple, if we teach them what is acceptable, then thery will look for Barbie clothes (and then one day, their own clothes) that are modest and acceptable.

We're in prime Barbie age and I have to say that Scarlett stays away from a lot of "Ho Barbie" and Bratz stuff and keys in on wedding Barbie and princess Barbie.