Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Adventures of the Emergency Room

We had a very interesting weekend, besides our mission from God. #2 had a lot of pain in her little girl parts and we ended up taking her to a small local hospital where she was diagnosed with her 3rd urinary tract infection. I thought by avoiding the 2 major hospitals in our area it would be a pretty quick trip.


We were the only people in the waiting room and still waited about 45 minutes to go back to our room, where as you can see from the picture we had a lovely time of silliness waiting for the doctor. Our doctor was quite an interesting cookie, he came in the room after reviewing her "test results" (translated her 6 drops of pee we managed to get into a cup, AFTER she peed on my hand) and said it appears she has WHVABCLMNOP. And, then he smiled at me condescendingly while I just stared at him to see if he would start laughing.

He didn't.

Sooooooo, even after he explained what that meant I still didn't know what he was talking about, but you better believe I nodded my head like I understood everything he was saying.

"Ahh, yes, the WHVABCLMNOP can be treated with Bactrum, but her cleavical abdominal urinarial thinger-ma-bobby may have a kink in it that is causing ohmygoodnessalotofpain to occur in her lower right quadrant."

Or, something like that.

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Say Anything said...

I love that you nod your head like you understand. I do the exact same thing. A doctor will explain what's the matter with one of the kids and I'll nod and agree, even repeat some of the verbage as though I've comprehended. Jay will be most impressed that I'm understanding it, until we leave the drs office and he asks me a question and I have to say "I have no idea". Jay doesn't understand why I do that - he would ask a hundred questions unashamadly (sp?) until he completely understood. Me? I'll take the risk that my kid will be just fine whether/not I understand, just so I can save face and pretend that I'm not really clueless. Hope she's feeling better soon!