Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Don't Mean to Sound Cheesy....

...but it is like Valentine's Day at our house every day (well, most days). Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the cards, the chocolates, the flowers, the Pandora charms (hint, hint, Honey), but I like leaving love notes in lunch boxes and texting cute messages to each other more than just once a year! It takes work to make a marriage good. Not grueling, back breaking labor kind of work. I'm talking about taking the time and making the effort to "out give" one another. I seriously think the best way I can love my hubby is to let him know each day how important he is to me. Really, the same philosophy applies to the kiddos, too.

I didn't always think this way. I was selfish and insecure and needy. I think being a parent is good training to rid most people of at least two of those three attributes! Early on, we struggled and I needed to know how much I was loved unconditionally, so I could begin to love that way, too. The kind of love that persists through disappointments, misunderstandings and pain. The love that Jesus shows us with every waking moment, every breath we take (every move we make, for all you Police fans out there) and every time we come to Him for forgiveness when we blow it. When we grasp an understanding of such selfless love, it becomes more natural for us to give away what we receive. While I still have my occasional pity parties and hurt feelings, They do not last for very long!

I guess at some point along the way, The Husband caught on to this, too, because he loves me extravagantly, whether I deserve it that day or not. Valentine's day is nice, but I'm glad the other 364 days of the year are just as special!

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Tiffany said...

I reeeaally enjoyed reading this. Awesomely said. And you should totally get that picture of you and your hubs printed in black and white and display it somewhere in your's beautiful. :)