Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Know She's My Daughter....

I am often told that #1 and I look so much alike, but the funny thing is that we act even more alike (it must be that first born, bossy, drama queen gene that we share). But, another topic of conversation is some of the embarrassing stuff that happens to both of us. I have her permission to post the following story that happened yesterday (and, I only hope I can do it justice because listening to her tell it in person, half shrieking out a re-enactment was hilarious).

She announced to half of her Latin class she had to pee so her teacher let her go to the bathroom (I wonder if they still call them lavatories like when we were in school??). She used the "lavatory facilities" and discovered her stall had no toilet paper. Since it was the middle of class she figured no one is going to be in the bathroom, so she was safe to pull her pants only halfway up (to avoid dripping??) and pulled her sweatshirt down and started to waddle out of the stall to go into the one next door. Except when she was between stalls a "little sixth grade BOY" had just walked into the bathroom. She literally shrieked at him "GET OUT!!!!" and his face turned bright red and he ran out the door (probably never to be seen again, I'm quite certain he must have changed schools in the last 24 hours). She said she felt so bad for screaming at him and scaring him, but she totally re-acted without thinking. I'm sort of okay with her scaring him so he never accidentally or purposely walks into a ladies bathroom again. She may have done him a favor!

Then, I picked up her and some friends after school so they could decorate t-shirts at our house for an upcoming field trip. She had a great idea to write their names on them. So, they did and they looked great. Only she spelled her own name wrong.

Is it possible to have given birth to my twin?

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