Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Birthday Bed & Breakfast Experience

At around 6:45am, I was told to go back to bed by #2 and #3 (they didn’t have to ask me twice!). You see, today was my birthday and they were determined to make it special! I heard many things clanging around in the kitchen, some bossy instructions given, and then a few minutes later, the smoke detector going off. Just like when I cook! They were chips off the forty-year old block! Before I could leap out of bed, I was told "everything's okay" and the fan above the stove clicked on. Smoke alarm stopped. Smoke alarm started again. Again, that is a somewhat normal occurrence with me and I was reassured a second time that everything was okay. I hear a little more arguing and then my breakfast "tray" was delivered bedside. On it I had two very think pancakes spread with grape jelly (we must have been low on the strawberry jam), sliced apples and bananas, apple juice and coffee that was so strong I sprouted three chest hairs when I took a sip. But, the looks on their faces were priceless so I choked it down! 

Then, they left me alone to enjoy my breakfast in peace (which I shared with The Dog...I'm just not a big breakfast eater that early in the morning and I didn't want to hurt their feelings). I was just so delighted that they took the time to bless me this morning! They tried their hardest to make me a tasty breakfast without burning the house down in the process. Then, #1 gave me the sweetest, handwritten card at a little surprise shindig The Husband put together after dinner. What a wonderful family....

I am one incredibly blessed woman! Thank you, Lord!

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