Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'll Show You March Madness!!

Just come over and look at my calendar! Madness I tell you, pure madness!! I seriously should not even be blogging now (I gave up my shower today to do it...just kidding! I'm waiting for the dryer to beep and the microwave to finish defrosting ground beef for meatloaf...I'm always the little multi-tasker!).

With the premier of our gorgeous weather has come the chaos. Chaos in the form of planning multiple PTO events, play practices, soccer, softball, volleyball, doctor and dentist appointments, birthdays (mine and #1's, whose party is tomorrow night. My 40th birthday has been pushed back to 2011 since there does not seem to be time this year to celebrate), and the countless other things that come up on a day by day basis, like the lovely present the stupid dog left me this morning on the living room floor. She told me the leprechauns did it, but this pile was nearly as big as a leprechaun so I wasn't buying it. It did have a greenish tint to it though.....

As if to mock me, timers are beeping left and right!  My time is up!  Children will be ready to be picked up and I would love to have time to Swiffer my bedroom floor that somewhere, under all the dog hair, has lovely Pergo-like laminate. You all can relate, right?  Rock on fellow domestic divas...keep saving the world one load of laundry at a time!

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