Thursday, March 25, 2010

An End in Sight?

My sweet #2 has completed what I think is the last "test" since July for her undiagnosed stomach pain. She has had tubes and tubes of blood drawn, gotten to know her pediatric gastroenterologist quite well, had her gall bladder scanned, drank barium, sat still for ultrasounds, and yesterday, was heavily sedated for an upper GI scope.

We have ruled out cancer, ulcers, hernias and a handful of terrible things. Her levels on all of her organs except her pancreas are normal (and, he thinks that was a fluke, they are checking them again). He took microscopic samples of the lining of her esophagus and stomach to check for allergies and a bunch of other medical things I have no idea what they are. He is leaning towards diagnosing a form of IBS that occurs in the stomach, rather than the intestines (so, technically that would be ISS??). Nevertheless, he said until he gets all the results back from the samples he took, it is too soon to tell.

The poor girl still feels weak and sick to her stomach, but that's it for the testing. I told her we have done pretty much all there is to do and she will feel better soon. The Husband and I have really been asking God for her to be healed and I know that is His desire, too.  It's difficult to see the people you love suffering; however, God understands suffering and will always use it some how for the good.  She was feeling really sick last night and afraid to go to sleep until I told her that God's word says that He sends ministering angels to us and that her room was filled with them! She smiled at that thought and was asleep within five minutes!

She is such a brave girl. This was her third IV she had to get since October, in addition to having four tubes of blood collected at a blood test. I could tell it was starting to get to her yesterday, but she held herself together and has been a blessing to the medical staff by cooperating (usually with a smile on her face).

I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone while we were there yesterday and I took the most hilarious video of her eating a popsicle all loopy. Sadly, I can't get the video to post on here.  It is really entertaining, but you'll just have to take my word for it!

She got her pick of the stuffed animals and happily added Max, the Portuguese water dog to her collection!

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Emily said...

Dave has been going through the same things since Nov/Dec. He has had all those tests including colonoscopy. They still haven't found the cause of it. They believe his is due to anxiety. We are still believing in healing for him.