Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They Are Not So Scary After All


We adults were all teens at some point, so why is it that we soon forget the angst associated with the adolescent years?  Sadly, I've spent my fair share lecturing my own teenager until her eyes glaze over and she tunes me out.  I used to assume most of them were walking bundles of hormones and raw emotions waiting to spill out all over me, or worse, that they just stare blankly at me when I would try to connect with them.

I've been helping with our youth group for two and a half years and there were some weeks I asked God why I kept coming back.  I don't have the WOW factor that draws them to me like some of the other younger adults that serve or the people that have been there for years and years.  I'm someone's mom.  And, then it clicked.  I'm a MOM.  I can be safe and encouraging to them.  I can be their cheerleader and I can also pray for them when they have been hurt or made bad decisions.  I can walk in a way that says don't fall away from the things God has called you to do...don't be distracted and disapointed by people and circumstances.  So, that is why I have kept going back to serve and I am so glad I did!  I have grown very fond of these teens and my fellow youth staff workers.  We are like a family, facing the triumphs and difficulties together and going after God with a renewed hope day by day.

I would encourage you today not to write off teenagers as disrespectful and disconnected.  Instead, open up a world of opportunity for them and be an encouraging "spiritual" parent!

** this was a non-paid advertisement trying to promote new youth workers (a.k.a Spiritual Moms & Dads) within our church family under my own provocation without being asked to do so by the church staff, pastors, mailman, or the guy who delivers water jugs to the water coolers.  No teens were harmed in the writing of this post.  Void where prohibited in Nebraska.  Possible side effects may include hilarious laughter and tears in your eyes when they make you proud.


Classic MaMa said...

Hey, I know that little girl in the hat. :)

Thanks for being there.

Beautiful Grace said...

oH mY wORD, the disclaimer is so funny. Missed you last night. Lots of holy laughter, boy, did I need Jesus to touch me like that!