Friday, March 19, 2010

(Not So) Revolutionary Weight Loss Secrets

I'm about to let you in on my weight loss secrets. For just three easy installments of $49.99, I will share with you the secrets of how I have lost 16 pounds since January and if you act now, I'll throw in a free set of Ginsu knives. Well, not really...nothing I'm about to share is that revolutionary.

I decided this year (like every year of my life since the age of 14) that I was going to lose weight. Since I'm turning forty, I thought that would motivate me to lose forty pounds and I sure as heck don't want to be having to lose fifty pounds at fifty or sixty pounds at get the idea. And, everyone likes to remind you of your metabolism slowing down when you hit forty. So far, I think that already happened to me when I turned 39! Like I mentioned, I've lost at least 16 pounds (it may even be 17 or 18 this week, I didn't weigh myself, yet) and if I don't eat anything else this year except from noon to 2pm on Sundays, I may lose the other 23-24 pounds!

Here are the basics:

I'm eating about half the amount of food I'm used to. Half a sandwich, half a bagel, half a box of Girl Scout cookies, you get it. Portion size was a huge obstacle for me and I have slowed down eating. When we go out I automatically cut all my food in half and pack it in a to-go box. I also threaten my kids if I eat more than one piece of bread from the bread basket they will be grounded, so I expect them to dive across the table and pry it out of my hands. This really works! I'm just kidding, but it's not such a bad idea....

I exercise even when I don't feel like it and think I don't have time to do it. This has been a big boost. I have learned to tell my body to shut up when it complains about going to the gym. Then, I crank the iPod and make sure I play music that is motivating. My favorites are Toby Mac and the soundtrack of Another Cinderella Story (during the one live song I always pretend the audience applause is for me and then I run faster). I also like KJ52 and an occasional Miley Cyrus song. And, Double Dutch Bus is another good one. When I feel like I'm going to slow down or lower the incline, I try to find someone on TV that is a professional athlete...I then pump myself up by reminding myself I'm in 1/25th of the physical shape they are and I need to narrow that gap. That usually helps push me to keep going! It was especially motivating during the Olympics!

To be continued since it is time to get kids off to school.....

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