Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Common Sense? Not So Much.

Yes, yes, yes...I'm still up in arms about this healthcare bill. I seriously prayed last night that President Obama would have an epiphany and not sign the bill into law this morning. I thought maybe if he actually sat down and READ some of it instead of listening to greedy special interests telling him what he needs to do (or worse, Nancy Pelosi), then some common sense would have him saying no way, ain't gonna sign it. The majority of America does not want this healthcare bill to be passed....why? Why? Why? Talk about taxation without representation....geesh!

My obvious displeasure over this "historic" event (it's historic alright) caused a little shake up over on facebook. But, guess what? Everyone sing with me,...."it's my status and I'll post what I want to, post what I want to, post what I want to......". And, unlike some of the extremists out there, I'm not a name caller. It's funny though the same people who said horrible, hateful things about President Bush are the same people name-calling now because many of us have voiced our contempt of a terribly flawed piece of legislature being shoved down the American people's throats. I have two words for those people. Grow up.

I want to make it clear that I do support some of the measures in the bill. I believe that children need to have access to quality medical care, no matter who their parents are and without pre-existing conditions interfering. I also think that it would be great for small business owners to be grouped together so they have the buying power of large corporations when shopping for health insurance. My major problems with the bill are the price tag attached to it and the mandate that by 2014 every American must show proof of health insurance. That is unconstitutional. It's not like making me get car insurance in exchange for the privilege of driving a car...no, I must get health insurance for the privilege of what? Living in America? Huh? Of course, I already have health insurance, so the only difference I'll really be seeing down the road is very, very long waiting periods to go see the doctor (if there are still any doctors left when this debacle is played out?). Well, at least there are vitamins and Motrin to hold us over between visits.....unless those are highly taxed now according to page 1027, clause d in the bill (just joking).  But, something has to pay for all this excess spending and it sure isn't going to be the proposed cuts to Medicare......

I have quite a few Democrat friends and we can usually spar somewhat playfully, but I encourage both sides not to take things too far by making it personal. We are all Americans. And, quite honestly, America doesn't need reform, it needs revival. Hurting hearts need a healing touch that healthcare bills can't give them.

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The Gang's Momma! said...

Yeah! You said it! Good stuff.

I had someone tell me that it's the same basic thing as paying taxes for the privilege of the gov't offering cable and airwaves.

But ummm, no. It's not. I mean, we can choose to opt out of those services for our own homes and personal use or access with no fine levied. But to responsibly care for the entire nation, via emergency medical services, etc. and to enjoy the privilege of being warned and informed, we all pay a tax. That's a big difference.

Among many . . .

But good stuff here. Thanks for taking a stand :)