Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sure Signs that Summer is on the Way

I'm excited!

Despite the temporary temperature set back, the summer clothes are pretty much unpacked and nestled in our drawers (oh, alright....they haven't made it to drawers yet, but they are out of their assigned Rubbermaid tubbies). But, do you know what I'm really excited about? Do you want to know why I know summer is a mere month away? The new Spiderman movie will be out soon! Whooopeeeeeeee! Never, in my wildest dreams would I ever be excited about a Spiderman movie.

Unless it is being released between May and August.

The ads are pumping it know....the SUMMER'S big blockbuster hit movie (wink, wink).

Who cares about Spiderman???!!!

I'm ALL ABOUT THE SUMMER!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, yes. I'll go see Spiderman 3. But, I'll probably go see it in shorts and with a little bit of a tan and definitely, my friends, with some bright pink toenail polish on.


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