Monday, April 30, 2007

Melissa and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Hair


I'd post pictures, but really, a picture does not do it justice. Even if you've seen me recently, you probably have not seen me out in the sunlight. The sun does not hide the harsh reality.

My hair is now every color that hair can possibly be. All at the same time. Except maybe black.

I woke up the other morning sick of looking like a slouch and decided to touch up my roots. I jumped out of bed and ran right to the box of color in my closet. I had bought a new brand, but thought I had matched up the color pretty well. Just in case I'd comb it all the way through my hair and not just do the roots. So, I put the color on my hair and realized that I should have bought 2 boxes because my hair grows very, very quickly. I ran out about 3/4 of the way done, but at least all the nasty little gray roots were covered so I figured I'd be ok.

I am so not ok.

My freshly dyed hair is red, orangish-red in fact, while the rest of my hair remained several shades of blond. I quickly had my hair dresser cut off about 5 inches of the worst part and reassure me that it is all the rage now to have hair that is a darker color on top of a lighter color. In chunks. Big, ridiculous, random chunks.


My hair on top is not darker! It is Lucille Ball red! Only fake looking. Oh, I wish I was kidding!

It appears to get lighter and redder every day and while it has only been a week since this debacle my wretched hair is growing and I am already seeing signs of brownish/gray hair growing in. Ok, I meant grayish/brown.

If I told you that I learned my lesson I'd be lying. You see, now I'm going to try and "fix" it by starting all over with a whole new color.

If the next time you see me I'm you'll know why.

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Jim & Natalie said...

i thought you were just being hip.