Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dog For Sale (cheap)

Anyone out there interested in a 1 year old Doberman female? She is fixed and trained. Her problem is that she is too big and rowdy around the kids (she growls at them sometimes because she is trying to control them). She weighs 95 pounds and needs to be walked daily. She gets along well with other dogs (she actually seems more afraid of them). What she does not do well with is little kids who aren't my own. She barks at them and tries to jump on them and I am running out of patience. I thought maybe someone out there has a neighbor or family member with a fenced in yard who is looking for a good purebred, who is very patient, somewhat active and has time to spend with her (Dobermans are very loyal and need to be around family members, they are not good "outside dogs"). I think she'll outgrow a lot of her bad behavior since she is still considered a puppy, but I've come to the end of my rope.

If I don't get anyone interested through word-of-mouth I'm putting an ad in the paper within a week. It is time to do some overhauling in my life and this is step two. Step one is losing the weight I keep saying I'm going to lose. It is heartbreaking to think of getting rid of her, but it is also heartbreaking to keep her in a cage all the time because I can't trust her around my grandmother and the kids if I'm out of the room. If you don't know anyone, please pray! I need to know if she goes, she is going to a good place. Thank you!
By the way, we will take whatever someone is willing to pay for her, including nothing. We just want her to go to a good home.

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