Monday, April 23, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I remember why I enjoy living here in central PA. Yesterday, I was outdoors almost all day and relishing every glorious moment of it.

I took #2 to a soccer clinic near our house last night and enjoyed a beautiful walk around the soccer fields along the gravel trail. Just listening to my sneakers crunch the gravel with the sun hanging low in the sky and the trees senses came alive. Even the smell of the port-o-potty was a welcome reminder that spring had arrived! I was so grateful that God had placed us in such a beautiful town and that I honestly appreciate all the good and not-so-good circumstances in our lives right now. After the good Lord and I took a 30 minute walk, I sat and watched #2 play some soccer. Again, I was overcome at the thought that God gave me 3 amazing little women and He trusts me not to completely mess them up! I was so glad I had my sunglasses on because a few tears slipped down my cheeks as I thanked Him over and over again for all He does in my life that I occasionally don't even notice, much less thank Him for. Then, came the kicker (not literally even though we were at soccer!)....I pulled out my Beth Moore devotional for that day since I had not had a chance to read it that day and I kid you not, this is what it said.....

Pure appreciation for His presence emerges from the daily walk, perhaps in the mundane more than the miraculous.

Was I not just walking and talking to God expressing my appreciation a mere 10 minutes ago?

Well, again, it was good I had those sunglasses or the other moms and dads would have been wondering what in the world was wrong with me??! I just love when He puts those little "winks" into my day! I was overcome that He would speak to me that way, how He really does listen and respond to us. It really blows me away just to think about it.

Now, I just need to work on the "daily" part!

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Classic MaMa said...

There's only one Holy Spirit. I'm so glad that we know Him. Still praying for you! (You're just kinda permanently on my mind.)