Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shaving 101

Something strange and beautiful is happening in my house.

I taught #1 how to shave yesterday.

It was odd how I remembered my first days with my mom's disposable razor and feeling like I was sort of sneaking to use it. I'm so glad #1 brought it up and I quickly responded in such a way I wanted it to feel as normal as brushing her teeth.

And, in case all of you are wondering....when #1 reaches her next milestone I will not be posting a story about it. I think when I introduce feminine products to her that is way too personal to share with the cyber world until she is at least 29. Even I know where to draw the line!

Well, let me update you in shaving world in case you are unaware of the new products out there. I purchased #1 an Intuition Razor. It comes in different flavors, we got Cucumber Melon. I figured it would help her avoid putting shaving cream on her legs and trying to keep it from washing off while she shaves in the shower (a feat I have been unable to perform myself in my 26 years of shaving). Personally, though, it looks like after 4 or 5 uses all the shaving cream stuff will be gone, so we'll see how good of a value it really is. But, I thought it would be good until she gets the hang of it.

I could get all dramatic about how I now have a daughter who shaves and is moving up to the "Youth Building" at church in a couple of months, but I'll spare you all the ramblings....instead, I'm going to end this post and go give her a hug. Sniff. I feel like I was just taking her training wheels off.


Classic MaMa said...

I'm 29. Should I tell you about my feminine product use? :) Seriously, nice job Meliss. I remember having to figure that all out on my own. Lots of band-aids...

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, I'm smiling. This was a precious post.
I "snuck" my first shave at my friend's house. Couldn't hide it very long, though...
My daughter doesn't even seem to care. I guess time will change that. (Or her cousin!)
Thanks for sharing this moment.