Friday, April 6, 2007

Random Rambling of the Day

In case you're all wondering I sold my house last night and we're moving to South Dakota!

Just kidding!

We went to Chocolate World yesterday and it was packed. I mean, really packed. If we didn't have friends with us there is no way I would've stayed to just to get a free Hershey Kiss. Mental note: when you home school you don't HAVE to go to places like that when kids are out of school for a holiday vacation.

I've made a decision to put The Dog on a 2-week trial period to see if I can make some changes that will allow us to keep her. The biggest change will be walking her twice a day (fringe benefit: that is 2 miles of walking I will do per day so I can beat all the competition in my Biggest Loser Contest!).

I've also made the decision to proceed to step #1 of sending the kids back to Christian school in the fall. I need to do some checking on financial aid since you could feed a small third world country on what the monthly tuition costs for three kids. Although, I wish there was some way I could still home school #2 who really likes it. The problem is that I will need to work while the kids are in school(to pay for it) and 8 years old is a little young to be home with 85 year old GAS. So, we're looking at an all or nothing deal here.

Did you know it takes about 10 hours for ExLax to do its job? I wasn't aware of that and it left me somewhat "unprepared" at gymnastics the other night. Yup. It's true. I was hurting, but managed to get home in the nick of time.

Here's some trivia questions I used at Curves this week.......

Who was nicknamed Good Queen Bess?
Where is the Wailing Wall?
What was the first vegetable?
How often do penguins mate?
Who played Wally, Leave it to Beaver's brother?
answers are here.

Today is our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. It is a glorious 33 degrees outside. We should have done it at Christmas time instead since it was at least in the fifties then! It may be kind of hard to pick up eggs with gloves on!


Irritable Mother said...

And I thought it was just Michigan that had this wacky weather...
On Christmas day we went to a park - totally green ground and the kids without coats (their choice, not mine!) This morning I'm looking out the window, wondering if the snow will still be here tomorrow so we can have a white Easter. This is crazy!

Classic MaMa said...

1. Elizabeth I
2. Jerusalem
3. potato
4. once a year
5. Tony Dow

How did we do?

malia said...

so, how's the 2 week trial coming along, friend?