Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The "Find Bella a Good Home" Coalition

Oh my word! If you see me on the news please don't be surprised. I'm afraid I'm going to have the Dobermans version of the NAACP picketing on my front lawn!!

Let's talk chain mail, folks. I sent out this via my email address book and viola! I've got every Doberman lover emailing me even as far away as Louisiana. Most of them are very helpful, but some are obviously upset at the idea of me putting an ad in the paper. For example, I received this email from someone I don't know:

"should NOT put an ad in the paper, unless she is willing to
ask for references, including a veterinarian, and check them ALL,
and do a home visit. People who are looking for bait for fighting
dogs, people who want a "junk yard dog" to protect their property,
and all sorts of "bad" people answer those ads."

Hey thanks!

I'm not feeling bad enough about this mess we got ourselves in and now I have to worry she's going to be torn limb from limb for some one's sick entertainment. And, I was worried she'd be left in her crate too long. Apparently I've given the impression I am so desperate to get rid of her I'll give her to the highest bidder without so much is checking into her potential living arrangements.

I've been receiving emails ALL day from people I don't even know with email addresses like "mybuddydog@...." and "poodogs@...."and I think we may have a good prospect. A woman whose husband is a veterinarian contacted me. They have a neighbor who wants a dog, but doesn't want a puppy, who happened to grow up with Dobermans and they live on a 6 acre farm. Added bonus: they live next to a veterinarian! They want to meet her. Please pray for us! Our prayers are being answered, but at the same time I'm on the verge of tears because she is such a great dog! I just want it to be over quickly for my sake and the kids. The Husband isn't looking forward to it either. She's been his dog from the start. I honestly thought about praying for God to let her die peacefully in her sleep then there is no decision to make other than backyard or front yard? Don't worry. I didn't actually entertain the thought.

I've spent wayyyyy to much time at the computer today reassuring people we will check references, visit the homes of and run a criminal background check on anyone interested in taking our dog. If they so much as paid their Sears card late they will be disqualified from the approval process. Ok, maybe not.

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Mom In Action said...

Only you, Melissa. Only you.

And for the record...definitely back yard.