Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

Aren't they so cute? We were quite cold at our neighborhood Easter egg hunt and it was pretty uneventful. You know what some people do? They stick loose candy in these eggs and expect that I, in the 21st century, am going to let my kids eat jelly beans that could have been poisoned or at least been subjected to all the germs inside the unsanitary plastic Easter egg. We threw those away. Blah...yuck....ick! And, trust me when I tell you, I am not one of those "germy" moms that are completely parnoid about it.

God's been asking me to leave some things at the foot of the cross and I'm thinking since it's Easter, and He's God I may just go along with that. So, I'm leaving my worry for the future, my anger and my defensiveness there today. I'm just going lay it down and see what happens.

I am really grateful that Jesus doesn't give up on us! As I was in worship at church last night I kept having this picture of Him really raising me up from the ashes. When I start to doubt my capabilities as wife, mother, disciple, superhero, He reminds me of where my life was 15 years ago. You know that Casting Crowns song, Does Anybody Hear Her? Well, that was me with the big scarlet letter. But Jesus in His amazing, infinite, incredible LOVE redeemed me and I can stand before Him knowing where I came from and where I am going. Well, sort of where I am going. I'm certain it will be from glory to glory, but I don't know if that will happen here or in South Dakota.

Just kiddin' again!

You all are probably wondering what is up with me and South Dakota. Actually, it is probably one of the states I'd least like to move to (besides North Dakota) because other than their capitals I don't know a thing about them! I know they have a very low population.....where was I?

Darn it, I was being all spiritual and then lost it.

I remember the first Easter I was "saved" (hee, hee I didn't even know what that meant!) back in 1994 and I was in tears through the entire church service. I just could not fathom that God loved me and forgave me and the relief that washed through me as I was 2-months old in the Lord was like no other peace I had ever felt before. I still remember what I was wearing and sadly enough it wouldn't fit over my hips today without tearing in two. But, it was cute!

Okay, I'm focusing.

I really need to go back in time and be encouraged by the miracles God has worked in my life. Someone at Curves said something really nice about me being a good mom and I thought it strange that she's never seen me with my kids, she only hears me talking (bragging) about them. Sometimes at the end of the day I just remember me ranting about putting dirty clothes in the hamper or nagging to finish school work. What I need to focus on is where I came from and how God has equipped me to be the best wife and mom for these amazing 4 people He has placed in my care. I really want to be an encouragement to people like that lady at Curves, to read between the lines, because honestly, it made my morning for her to say that!

So, I wish I had some deep thought to conclude on, but I leave you with this....God loves South Dakota and He loves you and me, too. Oh, and Happy Easter!

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Irritable Mother said...

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. 2 Cor. 5:17

This is my life verse. Scarlet letters gone, we are made new! I love that He has redeemed us. And I love that He continues to redeem us every day - transforming us into the women He wants us to be.

Thanks for sharing here today.