Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TurboFire - Day One

Well, I didn't die.

But, I can barely move my arms to type this post.

The Husband and I (and some of our children when they feel like it) have embarked upon the TurboFire journey.  I'm not sure, but for my entire day I think I only consumed about 1/3 of the calories that were on my first plate of food on Christmas day.  I'm getting the sugar-withdrawal headache.  I know from experience that it gets real bad before it gets better.

Because I don't have enough to do with parenting, work and school. They say it will reduce stress, but if I can't do things like move my arms and stuff for a few days, that may cause me a little stress.  'Cause I need to be able to move my arms to do things like brush my teeth and you know, drive a car.

In reality, my clothes are fitting a little a lot snug (and, let's not mention the clothes I have pushed to the back of my closet).  So, this is a good thing.


Good times.

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