Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For You

Hang on.

Not with your own strength....but, take refuge in the shadow of a God much bigger than our imagination can fathom.

His Love can cover a multitude of pain and loneliness.

Look forward.  Look up. 

Jesus never came to hold us in bondage to a bunch of rules meant to spoil our fun.  Rather, He came to set us free.  Free from sin, shame, guilt and being held back from the destiny our loving Father created us for.

Second chances.  Forgiveness.  Reach out and accept the gift He offers you today.  No matter the circumstances....nothing can separate you from the love of our gracious and amazing God. 

It has nothing to do with being religious.  Take Him down off the shelf and out of the box of preconceived ideas of who He should be.  Let yourself become like a child and climb up in His lap for awhile.  C'mon.

No need to say a word.  He already knows your heart better than you do.

He says He will wipe away EVERY tear.

He will overwhelm you with His peace and restore your laughter.

Dreams are born.  Destiny released.

Trust Him.

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