Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was a hot mess when we met.

My sweet husband and I met most unexpectantly and after nearly electrocuting myself and unloading all my "baggage" on him, we became friends (although, I'm pretty sure he felt sorry for me since I somehow acted in a most pathetic way around him). He invited me to his church where I fell in love with Jesus. As much as I love my wonderful husband and all that he has given me through the years, that was the most precious thing he ever did for me (followed very closely by his part in making our beautiful children).

So, sixteen wonderful years (well, maybe more like 1 rocky year plus 15 wonderful years) later, it is with a thankful heart that we celebrate our wedding anniversary. This man is truly amazing. He is patient, hard-working and makes me laugh even when I don't feel like it.

We are both very different people than we were on January 28, 1995. We were young and independent, I guess in some ways selfish and stubborn, too. But, I often find myself admiring him now as he fixes something one of the girls brings to him. Or, he patiently sits through a "chick flick" surrounded by huge quantities of estrogen when we all know he would rather be watching sports. And, I love listening to him as he prays. And, as he gives belly rubs to the dogs or does all the countless thoughtful things that make me smile...I am in love with this amazing man and look forward to the dozens of anniversaries we have together for the rest of our lives.

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