Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank Goodness Phil Didn't See His Shadow!!

Being trapped inside with all these snow/ice days made me realize a few things:

1.  I know the words to more Justin Bieber songs than any 40-year old woman should admit to.

2.  I can't concentrate on my final paper and presentation with kids sitting down at my computer every time I get up.  Or, when they argue over whose turn it is to play SuperMario.  Or, when they ask if they can have friends over every ten minutes.

3.  Facebook and YouTube are way too entertaining.

4.  It is really easy to consume half a sixteen-ounce bag of Utz All Natural Kettle Chips.

5.  Exercising crossed my mind.  I left it at that.

6.  I slept more in the last four days then I did in the entire month of December.

7.  I have consumed so much coffee, I'm pretty sure a blood sample would reveal a .51 blood-coffee-level.

8.  I did not have to rush through completing our taxes...I had plenty of time to search for deductions and calculate how many books, sweaters and t-shirts I donated to Sal Val.

9.  Randomly singing show tunes from Little Women entertained me for a solid half hour.  And, I sang them badly.

10. I have no idea why I still have a rather large dirty laundry pile.  If I can't get it done being trapped in the house for three days, there is no hope.

Spring....come early!!!! 

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