Monday, January 5, 2009

The Shack (Revisited)

After an overwhelming 3 responses as to whether you think I should post a discussion about The Shack, here I sit. I'll cut some slack for the holidays, but c'mon! And, you lurkers are more than welcome to leave a comment from time to time, you know.

I'm not feelin' the love, people.

I'm ready for some deep, spiritual truth to be revealed...I'm done posting pictures of gingerbread houses right now. But, I need a little give and take. Are you in???

Okay, I'm going to start with a few questions:

1. Did you read The Shack? Having the book in your possession, but not reading it does not count.

2. If you have read it, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being greatest) how would you rate the book?

3. And, if you have not read it, why? No interest? Never heard of it? No time? A little too "off the wall" for your taste?

Let the comments commence. No pressure.....


Thrills said...

I have the book. I don't read alot (unless it's a blog). I don't really have a good reason why I haven't read it. I will make that a goal for this week.

Natalie said...

Had the book.

Read the first chapter.

Lost the book.

Found the book.

Will move it up to priority status.

From what I hear, I'll definitely need some people to help debrief with it.

Classic MaMa said...

I don't have the book. I don't intend to read the book BUT many folks have told me of its merit. I am not against it, I just have a really vivid imagination (one that holds images and replays them) and was told that I would have a difficult time with some of it. I know that it is somethign that I may read in the future, maybe when the kids are older.

Melissa said...


No pressure, but those were the very same reasons I did not read the book for a long time. I will tell you that it is a process; however, it did not "haunt" like I thought it would. Quite a few people had assured me that they had similar concerns, but I just wasn't so sure I was ready to open any doors that I might later regret.

I just decided one day that it was time. The same will happen for you. Then, I look forward to your hearing your perspective!

Anonymous said...

We have the book. I didn't read it. My wife read some of it and I don't think finished it...can't speak for her though. ;)

I'm not interested in reading it yet. I really haven't heard anything that would convince me it's something I need to read.

The only thing I have trouble with is when people do read it and they now say "now I understand the trinity"...I have come to grips with never understanding how God in 3 persons works because scripture basically tells me that it's beyond me. In fact, I am fairly convinced that the theological understanding of "the trinity" isn't even a scripturally grounded teaching, and more of a 'graven image' that man has tried to create to help us contain God in our finite logic (maybe I'll post some of my thoughts on that sometime)

I do find it interesting however to read and hear people talking about the liberation and freedom in understanding that they have gained from the book.

I certainly encourage you to discuss what you have learned. And look forward to reading your thoughts.

Melissa said...


This is why I want to have the discussion. I believe some people have now changed their entire theology based on this book (which is fiction, keep in mind). One of the themes in the book is God trying to explain to Mac that he cannot possibly grasp His infinite ways, and that people have their own logic that is so vastly different than Who God is. But, again, I'll save more detail on that when we get to that point because I think that God will respond (ie show Himself to us) to us in ways that we can actually comprehend.

My desire to discuss this book is in no way my agenda of trying to promote it. It really is a unique piece of work and allows you to envision what a relationship with God (minus the religion) could look like.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the discussion...and perhaps giving some input...

Thanks for opening this discussion. :)

After His Heart said...

I did read the book and I would highly recommend it. Not because it is factual but because it breaks down all those religious barriers that keep so many from finding Truth. Truth is a Person you know, Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth...)

The Shack provokes us to think out of the box. It moved slow for me in the beginning but then it was compelling. If the book had not been recommended by Pastor Dave, I probably would have put it down when I got to one of those thought provoking places but I'm glad I kept going. What The Shack did for me was solidify my belief that God is personal and will relate to us in whatever way we can receive Him. He is so creative, loving, and patient. He is full of lovingkindness which is why we come and why we linger and why we drop all our defenses and how we become more like Him.

I read ALOT of books. And I often say I don't read "fluff". I need a book to take me beyond where I am and this book did that for me. If all things are made by Him for Him, He will do whatever it takes to reach our wounded hidden hearts to restore us to relationship with Him.

So I rate this book at the top, life changing, provocative and definately one I'll read again (and I don't read many books twice).

Now, all you skeptics, start reading and prove me wrong!

Hands-Free Heart said...

I have the book, and have read about 2/3 or maybe 3/4 of it. It's been a couple of months since I picked it up. I thought it was good so far, but I had too many books and other life circumstances happening to actually make time to finish it. I would enjoy a discussion about it, but would rather finish it beforehand (that probably won't happen, but you never know).

Anonymous said...

This is the husband. I am reading it right now. Ask my wife how much I read (not alot) I would rather wait for the movie, but this book is good so far.

Trish said...

I read the book, but lent it to Hands-Free Heart after reading it, so can't refer back for the discussion right now. :)

I hesitated at first only because when everybody is raving about something I tend to avoid it. But I need to get past that.

I read way too much more than a lot, around 200 books a year, mostly fiction. I would honestly give this a 10, which would be very rare for me.