Monday, January 26, 2009

Chugging Along

The Husband has the camera so I can't post a picture, but I just wanted to report that I have lost 4 pounds since Natalie issued The Challenge.

There is one thing that has made a huge difference. Eating slowly. I now take at least twice as long to eat each meal, even if it is just a cereal bar for breakfast. I used to inhale my food. I do everything at the speed of light. I talk fast, walk fast, clean fast, drive fast, so naturally I ate fast, too! Because I'm slowing down I'm eating less and feeling more satisfied.

I've also cut out the late night snacking except for one night last week. Sometimes, I just go to bed early if I am tempted to eat!

This week, the focus is on strength training. When I stopped going to the gym a few months ago I have really neglected that kind of exercise. Not only will it rev up my metabolism, but I will feel stronger again. And, don't laugh, I'm toying with the idea of training to run a half marathon next year when I turn 40. I'd like to get my brother in on it with me and run it in honor and in memory of my Pop who used to take us running with him when we were younger. Logistics have to be worked out because I have no idea where my brother will be living then (he's in the process of getting his PHD at Michigan Tech and is applying for positions all over the country).

So, that is my update. I'm journaling, too. I write down food, water and exercise so I'm less tempted to eat while I'm preparing meals because then I have to "log it". We'll see how faithful I am with that! My goal is 10 weeks of doing this, then hopefully, the good habits will stick.


Beautiful Grace said...

Yeah, great job!!! If you're interested Lewisburg Area Recreation Authority, holds a sprint triathlon every August. That's what Fire did last year, and he hopes to again this year.

Lewisburg is where Bucknell university is, if you don't already know.

TCC said...

Wow - you go and train for that 1/2 marathon thingy. I will happily cheer you on. :)

I wish I cleaned faster. Could that be a trade off? Eat slower, clean faster? I guess to some extent it would naturally happen with the increase in energy I'm getting.

I'm liking this accountability thing with all of you. Awesome job on the 4 pounds!!!