Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting Papa (Some More Thoughts on The Shack)

***This is an ongoing discussion regarding the book, The Shack. If you plan on reading it you may want to stop here, so we don't give anything away.***

How many of you were pretty shocked at Who opened the door of the shack to let Mac in?
I was like "no, it can't be...that's just so wrong...." This is where this book loses the people who are convinced it is heresy. You could stop there and call it kooky or you can keep reading and find out why Papa reveals Himself that way. Then, you can still call it kooky or you can sit there and chew on the concept for awhile. I decided to chew.

Here is where we start to realize that we are more deeply entrenched in American religion than we thought we were. We're taught that Papa should look like Father Time with a long white beard, Jesus should be blond and blue eyed in a bathrobe and flip flops and the Holy Spirit....well, I'm not really sure what the Holy Spirit is "supposed" to look like. He's just sort of floating out there, right?

But, God is GOD after all, and I would imagine being our Creator that He knows exactly how, when, and where to best interact with us on a personal level. This particular aspect of the book makes me wonder how God would appear to me. I have struggled being hurt in life more from women then men, so an "Aunt Jemima" version of Papa may not be how God chooses to reveal Himself to me. But, then again, what do I know?

What were your initial thoughts when Papa came to the door? And, how (if at all) did if effect how you now "picture" God?

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