Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Not Sure Why

...but, I've run out of words.

I'm going through a dry spell right now. I can't put two words together to post a blog, write a PTO Newsletter or anything. When I do sit down to accomplish some writing it takes twice as long as it usually would for the words to come.

But, I will tell you that I've lost about two pounds.

I still want to blog about The Shack, but may pick that back up in a few weeks. I didn't get any comments on the last post so that doesn't make for much of a "discussion" and my thoughts certainly aren't THAT revolutionary. It was the other feedback I was interested in.

I'm still praying about launching the 2nd blog for teenage girls. Lately, I feel like when I talk to a few of them (particularly ones that I am trying to get to know) and pray for some of them I've hit a wall. They can have a really tough exterior and I get discouraged when I can't get past it. I reached out the other night at youth group and got a "I don't want to talk about it" which left me standing there feeling stupid.

It's hard when you want to give to someone who doesn't want to receive.

I do know that our words are a gift and I don't want to be careless with them. As soon as I have the time and the words to put together in a somewhat organized fashion I'll share a little more about the exciting (just kidding) details of my life and pictures of Big Mama on the Wii.

You can hardly wait to see that, right? :-)


Livin' Life said...

Don't get discouraged. I was once one of those teens who hardened their exterior because of all had been through. The adults in my life who made the biggest impact where the few who never gave up on me. Who eve when I didn't talk or respond positively to their heart kept loving me no matter what. Keep loving them. They will look for your response. Honestly, they are testing you guys. I have done it myself. I was rejected by so many I kept rejecting to see if they too would give up on me. You are making a difference. You have a great heart and gifting don't let the enemy discourage you. Maybe this time of a writers block is because the Lord has something powerful to download to you. You are a gift to the youth ministry. Don't except anything less!!!!!

Natalie said...

Don't lose heart with the teenagers. When we worked in youth ministry, it took several years for us to build relationships where they started to open up. A very slow process and very typical.

But what's neat is that Jim and I were out at Roundtop with our school's ski club and we saw one of the kids we had ministered to from over 10 years ago. She flew right over to us and told us about her life (married, school teacher, etc). She's not attending church, but now we get to see her every week now (she's at Roundtop as a chaperone for her school's ski club) and continue to speak into her life. And now, the relationship is already established and she is eager to reconnect with us. Amazing.

Classic MaMa said...

When she does want to talk about it, she'll know who to come to. :)

Maria Matter said...

Hey Miss, sending squishy hugs your way!
Figures now that I'm a follower, you have nothing to say! lol
Your such a blessing to those around you! Keep planting seeds, don't dig them up to see if they're growing! God's timing, not ours! Just keep lovin' on people like you do, He'll open the ears and hearts of those who are destined to receive from you!
Have a sparkly day!
Blessings, Maria

Beautiful Grace said...

Try not to be hurt by the reaction. I had a similar reaction from one of the youth on Wednesday. I felt like she was evading me. I ended up emailing her and asking if I offended her in any way. I didn't think I had, but I know how the evil one works to sow discord, so I asked. It turns out it wasn't me. She just didn't want to talk about it at the moment. I will continue to pray and reach out, but ultimately, it's up to the other person to take my hand.