Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Almost the Most Wonderful Season of the Year

Yesterday, we ran over to Hersheypark to grab some kettle corn.  It is convenient enough to just grab our refillable bucket and run inside the main gate (park at Chocolate World) and fill up on that sweet and salty yumminess for a mere $2.02.  #3 was begging to go on a ride (what a tease to go to Hersheypark and not ride anything) so I relented and let them jump on The Comet.  It was drizzling and around 6pm in case you are wondering what kind of a cruel mother takes her children to an amusement park and says they can't go on the rides.

As I waited for them on a bench, devouring the kettle corn (much to their disappointment when they returned to a half-empty bucket) that familiar feeling washed over me.  Yes, I was in my Hersheypark Happy Place.  Summers with season passes mean wandering the park for a few hours in the evening or afternoons lounging in a chair with my Diet Pepsi (ugh, wish it was Diet Coke) watching them splash in the water park.  I dare say these few months restore me to have the energy for the remainder of the months that involve school (mine and theirs) and all the activities that go with that.  However, this summer may challenge my Hersheypark Happy Place since I am taking double classes the month of July, #1 is in Footloose (the musical) and I am coaching #3's travel soccer team.  I still plan to enjoy my down time as much as the fall I hope to be working more so this summer sort of feels like my last yahoo.

Summertime gives me more time to reflect.  I appreciate the slower pace and the extra time available to spend with family and friends. I can read and write for the fun of it.  There is a vacation of some kind to look forward to each summer. And, I like to grab my Bible and coffee in the early morning on my days off work and hang out on the deck before anyone else wakes up clamoring for breakfast and "what are we going to do today?".  I keep the snacks on hand for the impromptu pool parties that seem to spring up when the kids invite their friends over.  There is mint tea to brew and chicken to grill.  I really appreciate these small things....including the kettle corn!

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