Friday, March 23, 2012

Well, well, well...look who remembered her blog URL....

I have not posted since May and I am probably one of three people who may actually read this, but I'm feeling a little bit like I need to throw a few thoughts out for consideration.

Returning to college is pretty much killing my interest in writing. Everything is so academic, long, APA style with works cited that I miss just blogging about my guilty pleasures like Dance Moms and garlic fries from Sheetz. Life can sometimes be too serious now for such frivolous topics, though my children seem to think I can be pretty ridiculous funny most of the time.

Speaking of life being serious, I am dreading the 2012 elections. Dreading. I don't think any of the candidates can give us what we need and for the first time in my adult life I don't even know who to pull for. I read an interesting article by Erika Napoletano, but for gosh sakes if obscenity offends you, please don't click over to her blog because you will be horrified. However, if you can make it through a few of her posts without cringing from the language, she is a no-nonsense person who basically says it's time for politicians to start behaving like they are invested in this country and we, the people. F-bombs aside, the woman is insightful and I can't help but like her style of writing.

And, speaking of about The Hunger Games? My first response: Ew. No child of mine is going to read a book or watch a movie about kids killing kids. Then, I realized I didn't read the book and I didn't know enough about it and perhaps some good could come from being exposed to these themes, characters and scenarios. Age and maturity should be considered so I'm going to read it in my spare time (hahahahaha) and pray about it before I decide one way or the other if it is something I want my kids to see. I'm trying to stop condoning or condemning strictly on other people's opinions. And, quite is refreshing to think this way. Ahhhhh. However, are you going to see me pick up the Twilight series? Um. No. Vampires are icky.

Well, as I'm learning the best blog posts shouldn't babble on and on , I'll stop for now. However, I do plan to address more important topics at some point like our new Kuerig, Pinterest, media's influence on what we think, coaching, mothering, including the fact that my first born child is less than a week away from getting her driver's permit.

It may take me until next year to actually write it, but it's simmering on the back burner.

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