Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's To Do List

Poor #3 is home sick with bronchitis so that means an unexpected day off work. I'm not complaining because I've got lots to catch up on....

* 3 missing library books (they are going to name a wing of the library after me since I've invested at least 1.2 bazillion dollars there in late fees and lost items since obtaining a library card ten years ago).

* invitations to #1's surprise birthday party....I'll stop there because Miss Nosy Pants reads this blog on a regular basis.

* a doctor's appointment for me regarding re-occurring horrible headaches and I can't seem to figure out why (maybe some sort of winter disease and the doctor will instruct me to move to the Caribbean and live on a yacht in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle??).

* finish the dreaded. task. of. filing. my. taxes.

* work on the monthly PTO newsletter. This is one of those things that was more fun in the beginning of the school year when things were fresh and new. Now, it is starting to be a drag. Does anyone read it anyway? Can it just be summer vacation for Heaven's sake??!

* get the windshield fixed on The Husband's SUV so we can go have it inspected. A month late. At least the windshield people will come to us to make the repairs in my driveway. I wish I could get the grocery store people and my hair stylist to do that, too. I'd even let her do my hair in the driveway.

I'm sure there are more things to do that aren't coming to mind until I consume my third cup of coffee. As for right now, I better get #2 up for school or this day is going to start off crazy! Or shall I say, "crazier"?

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The Gang's Momma said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bronchitis. Sure has been a tough winter for a lot of folks. Us included. We spent the day at two dr. offices, for me and both girls. I have strep, they have colds/viruses with (thankfully!) no ear infections in sight. Have to be careful of Li'l Empress's colds, as she can't really "do" an ear infection in her only hearing ear. Good luck with your To Do list!!!!