Monday, July 13, 2009

Florida Vacation

Technically we left on July 3rd after dropping off The Dog (or, as #3 calls her "The Dragon") at the upscale doggie resort with her "luggage" which consisted of a plastic grocery bag with some chew toys in it. After a touching good-bye between The Husband and The Dog/Dragon, we hopped in the overloaded mini-van to begin our journey.

#1 and I took turns drawing you like my Poodle/Dragon skirt? #1 kept cracking me up with pictures like this one.

We found a BBQ buffet in South Carolina at this restaurant called Duke's BBQ. OH MY WORD!! It was so crazy good. We hurt ourselves eating a boat load of pulled pork, corn fritters, mac and cheese, cole slaw, friend chicken, banana pudding, hush puppies, and more....all of it home made. I made a complete PIG of myself (pun intended). I have a vague recollection of crawling out of the restaurant with the same uncomfortable feeling I experience on Thanksgiving Day...

We couldn't leave without a pig picture (I'm referring to the picture below and not me in the picture above shoveling food at the speed of light). Gosh darn it, you know there is good food in any restaurant that has a pig statue out front. It's a given.

Back in the saddle again...heading on down to Tampa. ETA around 10:00 pm. To be continued.....

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