Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Little Women

My girls do surprise me at times. I never had a sister growing up and I used to dream about what life would be like if I had a cool older sister to hang out with. In fact, I used to watch the Electric Company and I had decided one of the girls on the show (whose name escapes me right now) would be the perfect big sister. Imagine my delight when after each sonogram we added another sister to the family! I never once felt disappointed or pressured to "try for the boy".

However, the last few years have presented some sister-related drama that leaves me wanting to rip out my hair some days. The older girls won't play with the younger girls. The younger sister(s) will irritate to get the older sister(s)' attention. #2 can work it in either direction, which could be why I find her the most challenging and find myself threatening to lock her in the basement some days! They can act jealous, stubborn, rowdy, and whiny. But, I know one thing. They really love each other.

The evidence is around me if I take the time to pay attention. #1 putting sunblock on the little ones without being asked to when I'm not around. #3 helping #1 to practice volleyball. #2 doing #3's nails. All three girls decided to get sweatshirts that matched on vacation and then they wore them together our last night on the boardwalk. Despite their growing pains they have a special connection, one I'm not sure even I can understand.

While all this estrogen is hard to handle some days, I would not change a thing! They bless me beyond words and I enjoy watching them interact most days (unless they are "interacting" over who gets the bigger brownie)!

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Jenne said...

Its so exciting to see how God has woven them together to support and inspire each other! Annoyance is like sprinkles on the sunday!!! :)