Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorry Forrest, But Life is More Like a Trip to Kohl's

This may require some thought since I'm using a metaphor below (grab more coffee, you will be okay)...a few weeks ago The Husband was wondering if he would ever get out of driving his truck, he was frustrated and feeling sort of stuck.  Then, suddenly with one phone call from his boss, it all changed.  Two days later, he found himself in a newly created position in the office, coordinating a pilot program.  The morning before his boss called him, I told him to hang in there because I thought maybe Joseph might have felt discouragement at times, looking at his circumstances compared to his dreams.  I am so happy for TH, so glad that he has this better position and has been given influence.  But, I struggle from time to time feeling restless.  I completed my first class of the semester and am now searching for the answer to the million dollar question....what do I want to do when I finish my degree in three years?  I feel like because of my age I have limited those possibilities (apparently, I don't take my own advice very old was Joseph??). Hence, this metaphor:

Do you ever feel as if the things you choose in life are not your first choice?  Maybe you settle for what is safe, status quo or even second rate?  Life can feel like walking into a huge department store filled with beautiful things.  You want to choose the gorgeous dress on display, but it costs too much and you suddenly start to question "why can't I have this?".  Then, perhaps you meander through the sales racks trying to find something attractive, but more in your "range".  You can become frustrated by finding something that you can afford, but it does not fit right (although, it looks fabulous on the lady next to you).  Or, maybe we find ourselves at the clearance racks each time....picking over the cheap leftovers with an ungrateful and resentful heart, convinced we will always be stuck with the stuff nobody else wants.

Lord, expand my heart today to be content with in each season of life.  In times of discouragement, please help me to hold on to the dreams you've placed in me that seem so far away.  I don't ever want to adopt a philosophy of "settling" for anything less than what I have been called to do, yet please give me the discernment to know that I am following where You are leading. Oh, and please help me to have joy and a cheerful heart in the process! No pity parties allowed!

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