Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Parable of the Runaway Wiener Dog

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So, basically to make a long story short, my friend who came to help us look for Floppy is a marathon runner. After spotting Floppy in several different places, my friend saw her and began chasing after her.  After a few minutes of running, Floppy eventually laid down exhausted and my friend was able to scoop her up and carry her back to us.  She was covered in burrs and in need of a bath, but otherwise, she was fine.

It wasn't until the next day that I was really able to process it all.  Then, I felt like the Lord shared with me that many of us can act like Floppy did.  We get scared, so rather than run to, we run away from God.  Things in life change and in a panic we try to find our own way out and we leave the boundaries that God sets up for our own good.  But the wonderful thing about that situation is that He will relentlessly pursue us and search for us when we hide from Him.  And, when we finally grow weary and give up the fight, His loving arms pick us up and carry us back to safety.  Sometimes, we have to deal with the consequences of our bad choices, but He will lovingly clean us up and carefully pick off the "burrs" that try to stick to us. 

So, Floppy is settling in and has not tried to run away again.  I'm sure she misses her old family, but what I hope Floppy eventually realizes is that when God writes a new chapter it is always for the best.  And, maybe there is a lesson in that for us, too!

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