Monday, November 15, 2010

College Mommy?

We interrupt the Great Grocery Challenge because I have no time for anything other than to have survived a sold-out weekend of musicals that #1 and #2 were in and my current Communications Law and Ethics class (which has been causing me much lamenting and gnashing of the teeth).  And, let's just throw in a little bit of normal life stress and blah.  No energy to be creative with microwave popcorn, a can of pumpkin and some freezer burned beef cubes.

Therefore, last week was a little bit of a stock up week....oh yes, Pop Tarts, animal crackers and even two boxes of Cheerios.  No meat entered the house and I have personally made it my mission to eat the rest of the peanut butter cereal bars (I got us into this mess, so I guess I'll eat us out of it).

But, enough about food.  I'm toying with the idea of a new blog called College Mommy or maybe even My Mom Goes to College (a funny little saying that #3 loved to say before I actually went to college). In this new blog I will chronicle whatever I happen to be learning that week.  So, for example this week I could entertain you with all sorts of court cases and appeals and defenses for defamation, libel, malice, appropriation and intrusion.  Are you still awake??  It's okay because I'm not.

I've had better weeks.  Aside from the online CL&E class that makes me want to stick a red hot poker in my eyeballs, dear friends of mine have suffered a recent loss that is heartbreaking.  In the midst of this, we are still paying off crazy medical bills and those wonderful end of the year taxes are lurking right around the corner when we are trying to save a tiny bit for Christmas shopping.  The Great Grocery Challenge savings helped pay for one of the brakes we had to replace on the much for my wish to use the extra cash as a Christmas Savings Club.

But, here is the super cool thing. I'm not freaking out!  In fact, I have such a wonderful peace in knowing that if God is for me, who can be against me??  The storms will come, but He never leaves us.  My praise is sincere and my heart even more grateful than when life is going a little "smoother".  I found myself praying a different prayer today rather than God, please help us pay off our debt it was Lord, please I want to be able to sponsor another Compassion International child.  So, until we can do that, I am praying for His provision to do this and even more!.  And, I am sharing a link here with you in the event you want to prayerfully consider sponsoring one of these precious kiddos.  Please comment and let me know if you did so I can give you a shout out!

I have made a deliberate decision that I will look for Him, not just on the mountain tops, but in the valleys and even the seemingly boring plains that we travel throughout life.  I will rejoice and be glad even when trying to write an analysis at 11pm on the New York Times v. Sullivan libel case!

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