Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Summer Fun

We had another great weekend. I headed back to my hometown for a baby shower with my dear friends that I grew up with. Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed the day at my dad's house, swimming in the neighbor's pool.

On Sunday, we had a backyard BBQ and tried not to melt. The kids got wet and had fun!

For the summer our hot tub is a refreshing kiddie pool! They may as well enjoy it before I put another ad on Craig's List to get rid of it.

On an entirely random note, The Husband caught the snake from the garden and released it into the woods, and most importantly, OFF of our property. I still cautiously enter the herb garden in the event it returned or worse, had babies back there.

We also went to see Kung Fu Panda at the $2 cinema and I laughed and snorted through the entire movie. I could totally relate to the panda in this movie. He was doing something contrary to his dreams because his dreams seemed impossible. And, when his destiny is revealed neither he or anyone else around him believes he can transform. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought that whatever task you had to conquer to get to your dreams looks pretty impossible today? Don't give up. God has a wonderful way of making the impossible possible!

Yesterday I prayer walked at our elementary school with 2 other school moms from other area churches and it was pretty amazing. And, last night was the first night of coaching my U7 girls soccer team and they ROCKED!

God just continues to send blessings my way and I am so grateful!

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