Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things I Should Be Doing Right Now....

....but, it is so much more fun to blog about them instead of actually doing them! Here is my to do list I am not doing:

1. Update my autumn blog template to something generic that does not need to be re-configured as the seasons change. Or, we can all pretend I'm really prepared and on the ball for September. Changing my template ranks right up there with the visit to the dentist, which is exactly why I only want to change layouts twice a year. And, when the HTMLNOPXYZ codes don't work, that ranks up there with the yearly check-up at the OB/GYN.

2. Fill out a permission slip for #1's winter concert. When did they start making school paperwork feel like I'm filling out an application for a second mortgage? I thought I gave them permission to do whatever they wanted with my child when I filled out enough paper to kill a redwood the first night of school. Please list 34th emergency contact's name, phone number, dog's name and favorite flavor of ice cream: ______________.

3. Create a flyer for our PTO Talent Show. I don't have Publisher on my new computer and the old computer will randomly give me the "blue death screen" and cut out without ever acting like it knew what I was doing, so I'm weighing my options. It's like Clint Eastwood staring me down asking "Do you feel lucky?" and I don't, so I'm choosing procrastination.

4. Laundry. Yes, and you all should be doing yours, too.

5. Ummm...sleeping? Yes, I most definitely should be sleeping. So, good night!

1 comment:

TCC said...

Ditto on #4 and #5 and I have other stuff that would be sufficient to substitute for #1-#3.

You make me smile. Thanks.