Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Early Birthday Celebration

Last night we had #1's Not So Surprise 13th Birthday Roller Skating Extravaganza! It was really fun....for the amount of people (about 50), you would have thought it would have been more stressful, but everything went smoothly. We had it at Doc's Family Fun Center and I highly recommend it! The employees were very helpful and for a reasonable amount of money we had the entire place to ourselves for over 2 hours!

We had snacks (including #1's favorite Buffalo chicken dip with Scoopables), a make your own sundae bar and one of the best cakes I've ever eaten from Costco (their cakes are scrumptious and well worth the annual membership fee by themselves!). The kids signed a memory journal for her and decorated a pillowcase. The glow bracelets were a huge hit, as I suspected they would be....apparently, teenagers are not too old to "glow"!

The Starburst Game

The "Peanut Gallery"

Doing the Hokey Poky

church friends

cheerleading friends

school friends

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