Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mother / Daughter Birthday Plans

This little beauty was an early birthday present from The Husband. I can text at the speed of light now! It slides open to reveal a full keyboard. Sa-weet. And, with rebates it was extremely inexpensive....I don't know how he manged to get a phone this nice for less than $40, but he did....I think we must have a 14-year contract now or something!

#1 turns 13 in a few days and I follow her birthday three days later and turn 39. I can't believe it. I'm not sure what shocks me more, her age or mine!! We decided since she already had her big roller skating par-tay and she got a new phone, too, that we will go on a family birthday dinner on my birthday which is the same night we are going to Sight and Sound to see Behold the Lamb. We're contemplating which ethnic restaurant we are feeling up for....she and I both really like Indian food. Actually, we both like pretty much ANY food, so we could end up just about any place! We're trying to keep in mind that #2, #3 and GAS will be with us, so we can't get too funky!

I really enjoy having a late-March birthday since spring is starting to appear. It is like having something else to celebrate!

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Hands-Free Heart said...

if you're looking for Indian near Lancaster, we've gone to Taj Mahal a few times and really liked it. One time they had a buffet, which was really good.

Happy Birthday to you both, and have fun at Sight and Sound too!