Friday, June 5, 2009

Ready to Get Back in the Saddle Again?

Well, for those of you who thought I had already lost my mind by taking an acting class you'll be even more surprised to know we are considering opening another gourmet coffee/ice cream shoppe. We are only in the talking phase and doing a little research. One thing the research has pointed to is how crazy expensive franchises are, yet, they have their merits.

If you are unaware of our small business history and because my blog does not date back that far (thank goodness because I'm not sure how I could write while I was weeping and gnashing my teeth) we had owned Subway restaurants that were successful, then got brave and decided to sell them and open our own gourmet coffee shop/ice cream cafe. It didn't make it. And upon its death, it took much of our Subway profits with it. You can read a bit more about it here. It has been three years since it closed and my heart still feels a bit broken.

We know that location was a big factor in its demise, but I still worry and fret when I think of the past pain we endured. What if we got a better location and we still don't make it? What if we refinance our house and instead of paying off debt, we invest in a business that we can't live off of?? Yikes! I just can't go there.....ok, I'm going back to my happy place.....there, that's better.

We're praying and looking and talking. And, maybe I've been dreaming just a little bit, too.


Jenne said...

That looks lovely! Its always been a big dream of mine to own my own bakery but sometimes I think I could just settle for being a baker in a shop...haha! I believe that if God opens this door for you than He will cover you in finances and the best way for each thing to be done. I'll be praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

I know we like Ice Cream!