Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Call Me "Drama Mama"

Well, I went and did it again. You know what I mean. The thing that makes most people (inwardly) raise their eyebrows and wonder what I've been smoking lately.

I am going to take an official acting class this summer. Taught by a genius, a master, a director I've been privileged to work with in years past who inspires me and everyone else he comes in contact with. And, he loves Jesus a whole bunch, too.

When I first received the invitation I thought, "yeah right, that would be nice in about 5-10 years". Then, I thought "why not?". Then, I thought "I could really go for some sushi right now".....sorry.....I'll try to stick with only the facts and my typical long winded rationale behind the facts.

My latest dabbles here and there in this area that we actors like to call "acting", have been frightening at times and strangely fulfilling. Not in a look-at-me-people-I'm-in-a-pretty-costume-and-everyone-thinks-I'm-amazing kind of way. No, I found out that acting can be boring, frustrating, and humiliating (makes you want to sign up for the class, too, doesn't it?). Yet, somewhere in that process of discovery I found something that makes me feel like I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face. And, you remember the whole "dream" kick I've been on lately? I've been lying to myself all along that acting and directing are a mere hobby to pass the time until something more serious has to be done. When really, I can't wait until the next opportunity comes along.

Being a part of it, big or small, onstage or backstage, invigorates me. So, when I decided I was too busy to take the class I felt the Lord prompting me that it is not by mere coincidence this invitation was extended at a time when I've begun to dream again. I am ready. And, I go before Him with a humble heart and pure motives that may not have been the case several years ago.

I must admit I'm curious where I'll go with this, but I've decided to take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey!


Beautiful Grace said...

Hey, "Drama Mama," that's exciting! I've always enjoyed your dramatic go, girl!!

Jenne said...

Drama Mama! I'm super psyched to be at your home this sunday!!! Although I can't say you'll be finding me in a bathing

This sounds like an amazing door that's opening for you! Can't wait to see what you do next!