Monday, May 4, 2009

Anyone Else's Weekend Fly By?

Well, B. finished editing The Mailman and will be showing it to his film class today. I must say it is the best film I've ever been in....ok, it is the only film I've ever been in. Unless you count my birth videos and there is no way they will ever be shown in a college classroom! Ick.

We "previewed" it over the weekend on the big screens at church in front of several hundred of our congregation. I was blown away at the quality and it was easy to get swept up in the story and forget that it was me and The Husband up there! I laughed like it was the first time I ever saw it. And, thankfully, I was not mortified to be on those giant screens at all ...again, B. is blessed with such a gift! As soon as I have a link or a DVD I will post it. It is about 12 minutes long.

Saturday was a wonderful day spent at our school PTO May Day Dash and Luau. The biggest disappointment of the day was losing the silent auction by $10 for a Laser Tag party that I was going to use for #2's tenth birthday in August....bummer. I ran (with a few brief walking breaks) the Dash in 11 minutes, 40 seconds which is faster than I did in high school, yet still pretty pathetic in normal runner's world!

Here are some weekend photo highlights:

Look..that blur is me running and waving. 'Cause I'm shy like that. Just running and minding my own business.....oblivious to what is going on around me.......

#3 got 2nd place in her age group for the girls! Woo-hoo! Last year I had to beg and bribe her to run...this year she ran ahead of me the entire time! She finished with a 10:20.

#2 won third place in her age group for the girls. These are her 2 friends she ran with the entire time and they all placed. They all ran 7 minutes and a few seconds. I think that is pretty amazing, actually.

Afterward, we headed over to school for the luau. That is #1 standing off to the side talking to some of her friends who were checking in volunteers and handing out tickets.

#3 painting her pot while I worked at the craft table.

Yes, we stopped by the bake table several times between hot dogs, chicken corn soup and popcorn! The kids all had a blast playing the games and turning their tickets in for cool prizes!


Fire'n Clouds said...

Can you come and run our PTO it stinks and yours is cool!!! :)

love, love, loved the movie!!!!!

I can say I knew you before you were famouse. :)

Livin' Life said...

BTW, that was me not Scott. Sorry I had to do something for Scott for Men's Ministry and wasn't logged off! ;)

Believe me the man barely posts he's not going to comment.

Beautiful Grace said...

Yeah, the movie was GREAT!!! I am so proud of you guys!!!! Blessings, overflow!!!!!! :)