Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh Wait! There is a Part 3!

I really did not plan on writing more about "dreaming and destiny". But, I had an interesting day yesterday somewhat related to my last few posts.....

As I explained previously, we owned several restaurants. The profit we made off of the sale of our Subway was depleted over the following years from the cafe and finally, when that closed, The Husband took an entry level job in customer service hoping to move up in the ranks to a middle management position. We were just happy to receive a paycheck and have health insurance! A year later, we realized there were no management positions opening anytime soon and we could no longer live off of this job. So, he went back to doing what he did before we owned restaurants, truck driving. That's what he has been doing for the last 19 months and that is going well now.

The reason this is all applicable is that we have decided to refinance our house to pay down some debt (otherwise known as the pool) and get a lower interest rate. Things were moving along smoothly until the call came at work yesterday that despite great credit, they could not show 2 years of The Husband having employment in the same field (never mind that before we owned our restaurants he drove a truck for 11 years). Then, the lady started asking me what I pay for childcare, where do my kids go when I am at work, etc....I said they go to school and she asked about afterwards. I told her I work part-time and she went off on me! Seriously! She said they cannot include my income because it is only part-time. Even though if I had taken a full-time aid position at school I would have made the same amount of money I make working 20 hours per week now! I was nearly in tears by the time I got off the phone. She asked if I wanted it officially submitted to the underwriters and even though she assured me it would be rejected, I figured, why not?

This whole train of thought got me thinking again about the (stupid) cafe and how it is such a glaring reminder of how much it messed us up financially. My 1/2 hour ride home from work was spent stewing about how things could be so different if we had made other choices over the last 4 years and how dare that mean lady tell me my part-time income doesn't count for anything! Then, #2 called me.

The kids had beat me home since I worked a little late. When #2 came in she realized that she had left important paperwork from school in her "throw away" pile. She was digging in the trash and then called me in a panic and told me what was going on. When I told her I had found it and pulled it out to put in the school drawer the relief in her voice almost brought tears to my eyes.

It was in that moment, I felt the Lord say to me....I have your "stuff" in a safe place, too....don't panic. I know exactly what you need.

Can I get an "amen"?


Beautiful Grace said...


Thanks for this series, oH mY wORD; You allowing us to read your heart,its struggles and triumphs, has been inspiring!!! Thank you, dear friend!!!!

Can't come to the party on the 31st. Fire has a soccer game.

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Tiffany said...

wow that's awesome I think I needed to read this one tonight too :) such a great reminder