Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You Like?

I was playing around last night and found another cute spring template....doesn't it just shout...SPRING, SUN, JOY, RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY??!

Also, I'm not sure how to do it here on my "blob" until I actually get a disc, but for those of you facebook people, you can see The Mailman. It is on the video tab of my profile. It is almost 12 minutes long, so be warned. For some odd reason, putting it on facebook is much more intimidating than watching on big screens in church....I haven't figured out exactly why, yet? I think maybe because the more I watch it the more I see things I would have done differently. We are our own worse critics, supposedly!

Again, for those of you with no fb account, I'll get it on here one day in the near future!


Beautiful Grace said...

Yeah, I like!

Classic Mama said...

I love the video. :) You and that guy are so natural. Was there an on-set romance???;)

Anonymous said...

My favorite part was the bucket-o-water. :) How many tries did that take?

Melissa said...

It took many, many takes with an empty bucket.. Then, 3 takes with the water, but only because B. wanted to film it from different angles! Btw, the water was warm and clean! :)

The Gang's Momma said...

Loved the movie - the kids all crowded around and watched it too!

Like the new template, it's so cheery. A nice antidote to the days on end of rain and clouds and gray skies.