Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Babble: To Blurt Out Impulsively, Chatter

Ok. As much as I want to engage in some political bashing (good riddance, Senator Arlen Spector) I will try to refrain myself! Especially since my last post, in which I decided that for me personally, getting too engrossed in the daily political debates is not healthy for my mindset; I turn grouchy. And, I had no idea where to stick the commas in that long run-on sentence. It's past my bedtime.

So, I will instead share some random thoughts with you. because I know you care. because my site meter has been in the single digits. (sniff) whatever.

1. #2 went to her first ortho consult today. Well, technically it was her 1st consult at the actual orthodontist who will be doing her treatment. Funny how #1 got her braces off last month and now without even a month off between payments, I'll be signing away on the dotted line for a few more years of the equivalent of a small car payment. Well, maybe more like a motorcycle payment, but still.....

2. I have been fighting off the plague that has ravaged my family for the last 3 weeks. We all basically got it on and off for about 5 days. The Poor Husband is about a day ahead of me. It is dreadful and I feel like a horrible mom because I basically told my kids to suck it up when they continued to complain of upset bellies. I thought I had a bunch of wimps on my hands. No, they had a clueless mother on their hands. For that I will buy them much ice cream.

3. Arlen Spector...oh, nevermind.......

4. The Pink Pows won their second softball game tonight (#2 and #3's team). They are just so fun to watch. Not as fun as soccer, but more fun than last year when all #3 did was stare longingly at the concession stand from left field and beg me to get her a hot dog between innings.

5. I bought some new anti-wrinkle, fix-my-face lotion stuff today for the first time ever. I'll let you know how it works. It is supposed to also make me look like I've had a "touch of sun". It was $18 and it better be worth it....Say Anything is the only person I've ever met who really looks "touched by the sun" when she uses those sunless tanning products....I look more like I've been "slapped upside the head with orange face paint" when I've made previous attempts.

6. The first rough cut is ready of our film we worked on and it was well received by B's film class and professor. I can't wait to see it! He said they all thought it was amazing. He isn't done with the editing, but I'll figure out someway to post it when it is ready to be unleashed on the public. But, only if I don't look like a dork and there is a pretty significant chance that is going to happen. So, please don't be out there (all 6 of you) holding your breath.

7. Lastly, I may need to give up the dream of losing 10 pounds before I get my hair cut...on my good hair days I look like an overweight country western singer and on the bad hair days I look like Ozzy Osbourne. Me thinks it is time for a change......I think I'll throw in a pedicure, too while I'm at it, so my feet are sandal-ready when my face is "touched by the sun".


Livin' Life said...

Your so funny. We have not yet started the ortho stuff yet but they are waiting for us to bring in Rocker. I know DK will be right behind him. We would like to get a house first before sinking all our funds into teeth. I feel your pain.

Please, please tell us when your movie comes out. I am really looking forward to seeing it. We don't have FB any more but I can keep an eye out on youtube for B's stuff!! So excited!

Jenne said...

Hello friend! I just wanted to let your lovely self know that I have recreated my blog and that I love ya! - Jenne

Anonymous said...

Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)