Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now What?

We just returned from a weekend youth retreat and it was quite a time of connecting with our Heavenly Father, as well as the other people there.

The hard thing about these weekends is going back to "normal" life and applying not just what we learned, but what we experienced. It can be a difficult transition.

This particular retreat was unique in that some of the leaders took vans of kids into the nearby towns and set them loose to pray for people in grocery stores and shops. They had some really cool stories to tell about how people were so grateful and blown away that a young person would do such a thing!

My prayer is that they continue to have the boldness and confidence to do that in their schools and anywhere else outside the four walls of the church. People are desperate for a genuine touch from Christ, not just a shallow, formal religious experience. Please pray that this weekend was a launching pad for this generation to show the world how valued they are by our God!

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Beautiful Grace said...

After co-op yesterday, I was hanging out with some moms as Fire hung out with his friends at the mall. Guess what? I saw two of our youth come into the main entrance. I immediately began waving wildly to grab their attention and went over to say, "Hi." It turns out they came to the mall just to see who they could pray for/witness to. I had the privilege to pray for them before they began their God-adventure. I saw first hand the impact this past weekend had...yeah God!!!